Special times demand special measures

You always knew and felt that you were born in the wrong world… and that you didn’t belong. You felt alone and that nobody really understood who you are… You almost gave up on yourself.

But a little voice inside of you told you: 

“Your time will come.” so you held on.


Now is that time darling!!

You are exactly where and when you need to be!! It’s time to make a change and be who you were born to be. Let’s break some rules and be FREE.

You are a magical powerhouse
Dream creator - 5 reasons why you are not living your dream

Understand who you came here to be and make the changes you desire

It’s time to start creating your dream and claiming your position as a changemaker in this world. The world needs you!! 

Deep in your heart you know it’s time to Rise Up and make the changes you know need to take place. Starting with the inner Shifts you need to make, and how you see the world. 

Make the world your playground

rise up together

During our 5-day ASCENT retreat you will be empowered, encouraged and enlightened to walk your SOUL path, to Raise your Vibration, to Do the things you always knew in your Heart you wanted to do. OUR TIME TO RISE IS NOW!!! 

you are not alone on your spiritual journey - leap year

Break free from FEAR and Be F*ing FABULOUS

The ASCENT retreat is especially for those Purpose Driven, Authentic, Open-Hearted Idealists who truly want to make a difference in this world and are wondering how on earth we are going to do that! 


Being authentic means embracing your uniqueness and owning your personal traits and qualities. Speaking your truth and being honest about the things that are important to you.

Soul Aligned

You are more than just a person. you are a Soul that has come to earth to have a certain experience and to walk her soul aligned path. The moment you start to align with your SOUL is the moment you will become unstoppable in your Mission, and feel better than ever!


We are not here to consume and play small. We are here to Create the world we want to live in and own our position as the creator of our reality. We are Creation! And from that notion everything you desire is possible.

Expanding into

My favorite step of the ASCENT method is the Playful Expanding into who you really are and starting to use and see the world as your playground. Making the journey more fun and enjoyable, while at the same time growing into your Higher Potential.


Dare to claim your position. Be all that you are here to be. Come to play in the spotlight and stop hiding your truth and the qualities that you are here to bring forth. Start to know yourself and be noticed for who you Truly are. We Want to See You Shine!!


We all came to this earth on this special time to make the Shift. To create a lasting transformation on this earth, so that our children, and the generations that come after will live a Happy and Healthy life. We are the generation that are here to guarantee that change!! And I'm so glad you are hearing the call too.. Because Together We Can!

Get your act together and rise up

We are all here to make a difference, to be the change!! Let's unlock all of our powers and unite to create a New Earth together.

The ASCENT Retreat is here to awaken your potential

You are here to play a major part in the Ascension of the New Earth and in this special 5-day retreat you will be empowered to start to use all of your potential for the Highest good of all. 

Take your Life from Passionate to Ecstatic


Get FREE access to these Transformational ASCENSION Tools

Together we can change the world

We are all here to make a difference, to be the change!! Let's unlock all of our powers and unite to create a New Earth together.


The value of this training is around €497,-

Brought to you by: Nanda Berwers from Ananda Soul Travel