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Realign with your Soul and Mission

There are  moments in life where you feel lost and confused, you have gone off track and need to find your way back. Or when your life has come at a standstill or a changing point where you need to figure out the next move. Luckily for you, your Soul knows the way which is best for you. Let me help you find those answers inside of you to help you back on your way. 

Get clarity

It is when you have clarity on where you want to go in life, that your world opens up before your eyes. See through your obstacles and become clear on your dream.

Get aligned

Your Soul knows the way. Through realigning yourself to your True Essence and Wisdom, it is easier to make decisions and take your life back into your own hands.

Know your next step

Start creating your dreams from the place where you are now. Get total clarity and confidence to move in the direction of your dreams. The next step is easier than you think.

What clients say about Ananda

"Nanda is a gifted coach when it comes to guiding and uplifting people on their soul mission. As no other she connects to who you really are inside and finds your hidden talents. Can´t get any better than her. 🙏 Thankx you are there"
Sonja Zuidema - energetisch coach
Sonja Zuidema
Energetical life coach
"Ananda knows how to capture your mission in unbelievably touching words. She has the gift to inspire and persuade the reader in a way you still recognise your own voice. That's true talent. Transmissions from the heart."
Eline Bierling poet and musical artist
Eline Bierling
Poet and Musical artist
"I have been struggling to put what I do into words for months now. I almost gave up. Until Nanda came up with a session offer and I decided to give it a shot. So glad I booked a session with her! She is absolutely amazing. She only needed 25 minutes to pinpoint my problem and at the end of the session I had found THE words I had been looking for all the time! Nanda truly is a miracle worker. Highly recommended for anyone who labels him/herself as a conscious enterpreneur. Thank you for our wonderful session. ❤"
Serena Milada - model and spiritual healer and coach
Serena Milada
Healer and Model
"Nanda knew exactly where I went wrong in my business. We had our clarity session, and suddenly everything seemed to fall back into place. With her simple but effective tools I got back to alingment with my big dreams and my soul mission. 1000 times thanks you for this!! 🤩✨💗"
Fabrina Willemse - zangcoach en ziekenhuis moeder
Fabrina Willemse
Singing coach and soundhealer for 'hospital mothers'

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