Bring the magic

"You are the miracle the world is waiting for"

Looking for 12 Soul sisters to Start the journey with

Do you have a great desire to change the world... to bring out all the Magic that you have to bring.✨ You´re burning inside with the desire to show the world what you´re made of, to be fully You and fulfil your promise to be amazing! 💓😄 and fully live the Soul Mission life you came here for.

Playful Expansion

It is time that we bring our magic to the world, and that doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. My approach is Playful Expansion. 

I believe showing up is like designing your own life as if it is your playground, live by your own rules and have fun doing it. 

💫 How to show up in your life and business fully owning your Magic
💫 Have a great plan behind your vision, and make it into a reality
💫 Showing up consistently and with grace, ease and joy.
💫 Stepping into your greatest Power and Share your gift with others.

This is an invitation to you! 

Send out this invite to your friends and Join the membership.

Playful Expansion is showing up for your Mission Ananda Soul Travel

You were meant to have fun doing what you love

You are a magical powerhouse

You are the Miracle the world is waiting for

You know you have a special gift and wisdom to share

There is something about you that is Unique.

People feel drawn to your energy or are intimidated by it.

That Power that is inside of you  needs to come out … 

The Energy you hold is just bubbling inside, waiting to burst out of you. And you’re just all over the place with your ideas and creations. “What should I focus on? There is so much I want to share, and do and create.” 

Together we can channel that energy and power into the creations the world needs right now. You will be held accountable, safe and motivated to THRUST to the next level of your Life and Business. 

Stop playing small

 You keep going in circles searching for the right time, the right actions and decisions to make
 You are done spinning your wheels alone and find no support
You have a million ideas but are not making decisions or have a plan
You have so much more to give and share, yet you hide away your true power, by indecisiveness and doubt, or feeling overwhelmed. 
 Old stories and beliefs are holding you back to Step Up and do what you came here to do.

It’s time to change that! 

It’s time to Bring your Magic! 

The Universe has a plan for you

Break free from staying small and step into your greatest self

All that you are is waiting to come out into this world. Unlock your True potential and find your Soul Path - Book a FREE clarity call

What can this Tribe do for You?

What will the world look like when you stepped into your power, your purpose and use the great gifts you are here to share. What will change in your life? and in the life of others?

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Bring the magic that you are here to bring

I know a lot of you are on this soul journey to live their Life fully, and Bring their full potential out into this world. But I see too many hiding away their True Powers and telling themselves they are not good enough, or too much. Or they just don’t know what to do, choose or create. So they keep small and stay stuck and never show up the way they really want to. Always something getting in the way, or distracting them from finishing what they’ve started. 

That’s why I have decided to create a new program. A place of Growth, Accountability and Commitment. 

The Group coaching program I call Bring the Magic✨ – a membership to support you on your journey to Live life Fully.

Live group Coaching

To keep you motivated and in a High Vibe. I will be giving live coaching calls every month, to help you THRUST through the blocks that are holding you back. And make great progress in your plans. You can ask me anything and I will coach you through it.

Meditations and Guidance

We are guided on our journey by our Spiritual guides and the Universe. In guided talks and meditations I will share motivational inspiration from the Universe and Great Insights that help you on your Soul Path. Getting aligned guidance from the Universe is my Super Power and I intend to use it to get the answers you are searching for.

Worksheets and Plans

During my own journey I have gathered many tools and tips on how to build your business around your Soul Mission. With the worksheets and plans I´m giving you a head start. Fill in these plans and you are ready to go, with much more clarity and focus. Powerful Changes are upon you ...

Supporting Community

The great thing about this membership is that you are not doing this alone. You are surrounded by loving and inspiring souls who make the journey that much more enjoyable. Never feeling alone again, having a place to go when you get stuck and to celebrate your breakthroughs and wins.

Bring the Magic Trainings

Each month more magical trainings are being created, so the membership site grows and gives you all the support you need to live your Purpose and share your Magic with the world. From How to create your Attractive Marketing Message to How to move through your doubts and fears, and much much more.

Accountability sessions

Every month we start our Montly Membership with setting intentions, and creating a plan on how we are going to do this. During our weekly accountability sessions you can share what steps you took, and commit to doing the next one. Keeping yourself accountable can be hard, but together it becomes much much easier.

Now join the membership for FREE

In just one session Nanda showed me where I was holding myself small, and I could reconnect to my Big Dream. Now I am back on my Soul Path, creating my CD and had my first stage performance at a children's hospital.
Fabrina Willemse - zangcoach en ziekenhuis moeder
Fabrina Willemse
Singing coach and healer

I am ready to Bring the Magic

I feel called to join this magical transformational membership!

Choose your membership

Bring the Magic membership is designed for you to help you bring your gift out into the world and feel supported on your journey to live your full potential. Get Support, Feel Motivated, Be Guided and feel Aligned with the Soul Purpose you are here to bring. Choose your membership.

FREE 7-day trial

I am joining the Bring the Magic membership and get limited access to the meditations and 2 prime trainings. Once I decide to enter the membership I will get access to the community, the online training and LIVE coaching & Q&A calls. 

Soul sister founding member

This option is only available for the first 12 soul sisters who join the membership. You will get special access to all trainings and the community for a starting price of 37 euro for the first month, and will get the opportunity to stay with us for this low fee, by becoming a founding sister. 

* only available for the first 12 sisters

Monthly membership

By becoming a member of the Bring the Magic membership you will get full access to all meditations, trainings and recordings of the Q&A, as well as live monthly sessions with Nanda. You will have all the support and guidance you will ever need to Bring your Magic. Monthly fee 47 euro.