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Your Tools

When going through this course you will have tools to guide you through this course, helping you Uncover your Soul mission and get the tools that you can work on it directly after the course. 

Click on buttons to download your workbook, print the archetype cards and the journal before you get started with the first video. 

After you have printed your cards scroll down for the first video. You will find all you need on this page. 

Happy Soul Travels 

“The world needs your mission.”

I am convinced that everyone in the world should know their mission and do this course.

Let's get started

Uncover your Soul Mission

Look at the video and download the workbook and the archetype cards before you go to the meditation. 

Soul travel

This guided meditation is going to take you to the deep level of Knowing your Soul mission. You will reconnect to your Truth and get into a higher energy. 

Take one hour to listen the meditation and directly after select your archetypes. 

part 2

your archetype cards

After you have selected your first yes, maybe and no piles of the archetype cards. There is a next step, to narrow it down. Listen to the video and do the assignment. 

Then come to the facebook group and share your Team of 12 archetypes with us. 

Join the group

Come to the facebook group and share your experience

part 3

Get to know your unique talents and gifts

Once you have your team of 12 you might want to get to know these parts of yourself a bit better. In this video I will share 3 tools you can use to do that. 

This is also the time you start using your Soul Mission journal. Print it out or use your own. 


In this guided meditation you are going to meet your archetypes one by one and really connect to them visually.

You will receive the answers to 3 important questions. Take out your workbook and write down your answers. 

part 4

your mission statement

Now you have worked with your archetypes and have experienced their energy inside of you, you will also have an idea what your soul mission  is. 

Write your personal Mission statement and share it in the group. I can’t wait to hear what you are here to do. 


This guided meditation is going to help you find your Message. Go in knowing what you have found out about yourself in this e-course and let the words of wisdom flow.

Go and meet your ideal audience, the people that need to hear your message and whos world you are about to change.