To all of you dream creators out there, this is for you when you finally want to break the cycle of being stuck in a job and travel and having to go back home to earn money. Are you, sick and tired of money dictating your life and keeping you stuck. Do you want extra money to be at your disposal because you have a DREAM that you want to CREATE? This is your One in a Million chance to do it and get paid doing it!!

Community of creation

This is an opportunity of a lifetime, going into the affiliate business with your passion and building it into a blooming online business. There is a time in your life that you, just have to Dive in Deep to get what you really Want. And that’s what this training is going to help you with. And you don’t have to do it alone. No, you will be surrounded by other beautiful and motivated people creating dreams TOGETHER. A supporting community of creation!

Did you know that when you are in a group of people you will Do more, Get more out of it and it will Boost your efforts?

Stop struggling on your own

You can choose to do it by yourself and get the help of some of your friends (who don’t know what you’re talking about half of the time). Which will turn out to be a very lonely road at the end, with a lot of tumbling and falling, believe me.

Or you can choose to stop struggling on your own and join a group of motivated and inspiring DREAM CREATORS, that ALL want the same thing. Succeed and put in the work to make their Dreams Come True. And along the way, when you feel you’ve lost your grip, you just shout out to the others and they will pull you back on track and make you see it IS POSSIBLE. And you get back on track and start doing the work because around you all the others are working hard and creating their dreams.

Now, do you see how motivating that will be? Being surrounded by such a group of DREAM CREATORS.

How will a day of DREAM CREATING look like?

Let me sketch a morning of working on CREATING your DREAM for you. BACKGROUND MUSIC

You wake up and do your morning ritual, make yourself a nice breakfast, look out the window or get yourself some fresh air by walking into your garden to meditate or going for a short morning walk out in the nature around your house (or anywhere in the world).

Then, you turn on your computer and greet the people you’re working with (your DREAM CREATOR tribe) and get to creating a beautiful post on what happened to you while you were enjoying your day (part of the DREAM) yesterday. You post this experience on your social media. And then you are going into the community to see if anybody needs your help today. Is there any motivation or inspiration you can share? You write it or you give your support to others in another way.

Then its time to make something you really love. Creating your art, gardening and planting your seeds, write an e-book on a subject that you love or an online training. That’s up to you and depending on your MISSION IN LIFE. Around 3 pm you wrap things up at your computer or workspace and you walk out your house (or anywhere) and enjoy the rest of your day. Going on another adventure, you can write about tomorrow.

At the end of your day you will feel fulfilled and happy about the things you did today!

Be part of the DREAM now

Does this sound a bit like the dream you have had in mind for years but just didn’t seem to get to yet?

You might have noticed that I said a few times that you, were working FROM HOME or from ANYWHERE in the WORLD. And that is exactly right. Working remotely or from home. You can work from anywhere – while you are creating your dream.

If you dream of living abroad.

If you dream of traveling the world.

If you dream of creating your own business.

If you dream of making this world a better place.

You can start living that DREAM right NOW!!


As I got your attention now I want to give you proof that this way of working online really works. Creating a website and making it link to interesting affiliate programs, so you can make money from the clicks that people make on your website. That’s a great opportunity for anyone, in any field or industry and you can do it too.

Let me share the story of Greg and his Dream about going to Maui – Hawaii.

He started out doing the Affiliate training at WA and making his first $1000 month in July 2018 which is only growing from there. In December 2018 he did not only go to Hawaii but also made a fully paid trip to New York for his online business that is now thriving. Read about his results with WA here I made the trip to Maui thanks to WA.

WA does not just help you build your business but also brings those DREAMS so much closer.

Invitation to join the DREAM CREATOR tribe

I want to give you the opportunity to join the DREAM CREATOR TRIBE and have your own piece of freedom coming from creating an online business, that is going to give you a passive income, while you are creating your dream.

There are 10 places in the DREAM CREATOR TRIBE, making sure that the tribe all know each other and that we are part of a family that is supporting and loving each other. And since you are resonating with this message, I want to invite you to join the DREAM CREATOR TRIBE today.

When you feel its time to create your dream and don’t want to wait anymore.

When you feel called to step into this new adventure and create an online business to support your dream.

When you have the willpower and the motivation to do whatever it takes to make your DREAM COME TRUE.


Why don’t you start by sharing your DREAM with me in the comments? We can give it a boost directly as we connect. Energy is everything, so put your DREAM out into the world is the first part in creating it.

Make a wish and share it in the comments. What is your dream for this year?

Inside information

Once you enter the community you will be guided to create your own blog website at Wealthy Affiliate. This training is very easy to follow and you all will be able to work with this. I will be welcoming you too into the platform and I will be there every step of the journey to encourage you, help you out where I can and keep reminding you to pursue your DREAM. I will hold you accountable and help you when it’s going to get tough, as will the other members of the DREAM CREATOR TRIBE.

This is a unique offer because there are no tribes within the community of wealthy affiliate and NOW you’ve found one that resonates with you. There is ONLY one time that you need to take action and that’s right now!

I will see you inside, Lots of love Nanda


  1. This was definitely selling on a dream! And while I agree affiliate marketing is a way to achieve this dream – it will not happen overnight and will take time, money investment and hard work. With the help of a community like wealthy affiliate – your potential for success triples. With so many resources and support and inspiration – it can take a 3-5 yr success plan and turn it into a year. But! I want to stress it is not easy or quick. But worth it! 🙂 Right now I am 4 months in and have not made revenue yet. But I know it’s coming. So, I am still working my regular job (don’t quit your day job just yet!). It’s important people understand this

    • Hi Sherry and thank you for sharing your experience on internet marketing. I am aware that I’m creating a vibe in this article that sell people on a dream. But I’m also telling them that it IS possible!! The first thing you need is to believe in your dream and take it from there. The WA community gives you the support to build on those dreams and the training is providing you to get the skills that are required. Yes, it will take time and devotion. But that’s the beauty from working from your Passion. It doesn’t have to feel like working. And when you are selling a dream, your own unique message out into this world, you are already making a contribution to change. 

      I wish you all the best in creating the life of your dreams and doing everything that is possible to make it happen! 

      Love Nanda 

  2. Gosh I wish I would have had the change to read this when starting to research my dream of owning a blog! This defiantly spells it out! I like that you included someones story so that we got the real idea on how WA works for people! WA is a good company to work under to start your own website or blog for sure! I love the pictures they kept me intrigued in your article!

  3. Hello Nanda: I like the feel of your post. Is the picture in the mids of the sea a part of your production? I ask you because it shows professionalism and carries off your job.

    Your encouragement to create one’s dream is perfect. Every one of us has an idea. We, however, allow too much time to lapse between relaxing and creating. Resulting in a waste of valuable time. 

    The natural beauty of your post gives an idea of how to create one’s dream. Keep up your good work.


  4. I am amazed by the dreamy mood you’ve created with this article, Nanda. I’ve come across plenty of “work online” and “affiliate marketing” sites, but yours is refreshingly unique. It truly speaks to those of us who don’t want just another business-as-usual experience, and I could feel myself relaxing as I read. You’ve definitely nailed it for many of us: we want to start to creating our dream AND get paid for it. We all need money, but we don’t all believe we should have to trade fulfillment and enjoyable life experiences for it. You show us how to create our dreams and have an income, too, with Wealthy Affiliate and the supportive “Dream Tribe” that exists there. And that “background music” was not only a brilliantly fun addition to your article but led to one of my all-time favorite songs that I have not listened to for far too long (seriously THANK YOU for that!). It’s nice to come across a perspective as fresh as yours that shows us dreamers of the worlds means by which we can live those dreams. Please keep leading the way!

    • Whaaaooouuwww Cheri, Thanks you so so much for joining in the vibration of our Dreams!! That’s how it’s done! 

      I believe in that we ALL can make a contribution that is related to our Passions and also can pay the bills. We are put here on this earth to create something together. Why couldn’t that be our Dream life? It’s up to us and no one else. WA is giving us the tools to do it, but it is up to us to stay true to our beliefs and values and share in our True Voice. 

      I love to hear your dreams and where WA has taken you so far on reaching those dreams? 

      Let’s create a ripple effect in our Dream Creator Tribe. I’ll make sure I’ll add you. 

      If you don’t want to, come try and stop me. 😀 (only a no, thank you will be enough). 

  5. That was a really different aproch on selling WA. I like the “dream” idea. If I wasn’t already a member of WA I would definitely clicky from your site. Very good article.


    • Hi Vance, thank you for your comment. It is the way I see the approach of WA. For me it is not about the affiliate and the dry stuff, but what it can create in your life and what it will able you to do… creating a dream. I would love it if you wanted to share this view with others. Together we make the world a better place. Love, Nanda

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