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Happiness begins with the decision to change

At a time where your life stands still, you feel trapped and don’t see a way out. In those moments you decide to change.

That means you become aware that there is more to life. You suddenly realize that you were living on autopilot, not knowing exactly where you were going. And not doing anything fulfilling either. 

Your life changed the moment you said I am going to find out what else is possible!

uncover your soul mission in life - course
feeling lost and lonely. What is your life all about?

I understand you

When you are at a crossroad like that in your life, everything is uncertain and can be confusing. Believe it or not but I have been where you are now. 

  • feeling lost and confused
  • trying to fit in
  • believing I was not enough or too much
  • doubting myself and 
  • making the wrong decisions

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"The deep connection I made with myself was lifechanging. Suddenly I knew who I was and where I had to go. I told Nanda thanks and went on my way. I will be forever grateful to her for giving me the best advice ever. To listen to my soul."
Brenda Shea
Nanda Berwers Soul mission life coach Ananda Soul travel
Nanda Berwers happy in Cusco

Let me help you change your life

I believe that we all have a purpose in this life, that we are all here for a greater reason. A Soul Mission. 

That belief is the basis for my work, and the guideline for my life. I believe we can create a better world together. A world where we can be ourselves, 100% authentic and pure. And where we use our gifts and talents to help others. 

Start by doing the things that you love, find your passions. Then uncover your beautiful Soul Mission and your special qualities. All while being guided and supported on your path, by your spiritual guides, the Universe and me. So you can create a life for yourself and others where you feel happy and fulfilled. 

My name is Nanda and I have been a spiritual lifecoach since 2013, and since 2017 Soul Mission coach as well. It is my passion to work with people like you, who are on their path of self discovery and development. You are on a soul journey, and I want you to know you are not alone. I’m right here with you. If you have any questions, please contact me. 

It is my mission to help you find your place in this world and create a happy and fulfilling life

The ways I can help you on your soul journey

camino rituals - meditations to guide you on your way

Soul Awareness

Get clear on who you are and experience how your self-image improves through self-awareness and a spiritual practice.

read the signs on your camino soul traveler - ananda soul travel

Soul Guidance

Get aligned with your Soul and your soul qualities. Feel free to be You!

Going on an adventure to find out who you really are and why you are here at Ananda Soul Travel

Soul Mission

Determine where you want to go in your life. Have clarity and direction. And make an impact with your gifts and talents.  

Transform your life with life coaching

When you are walking your Soul path and you encounter some hard weather, confusion or feeling stuck the best thing you can do is approach a coach who has been where you are now. 

Someone that can hold space for you, guide you, help you heal those inner blocks. Change is only a few minutes away.

When you want real transformation, choose a coaching package to help you create the life you truly want. 

Camino 2020 pilgrimage

Help change the world

You can help change the world by being 100% yourself

fall in love with your life

get back on track with the support and coaching of Ananda Soul Travel

Get support and love

You are not alone on this soul journey. There are many soul travelers like you, who thought they were alone. In our Soul Mission tribe you can find the support and love that you were looking for, maybe even make a few friends.

Ananda soul travel to guide your way home

Meditations to guide you

Develop your Soulful rituals. Listen to our guided meditations that will help you. feel more loved and supported, get to know your Soul and listen to your Spiritual Guidance.

Book a Clarity Session

Awaken the Teacher Inside

Align with your inner power and confidence and get the courage to step up as a teacher. Never believe in the lie again that you're not good enough and remember your big Why. Download the free guided meditations here

free clarity session, lose your way to find your path

Book a Clarity session

With this 40 minute clarity session I help you determine where you are now and what the next step is for you on your spiritual journey. Mapping out your roadmap together.

Your Soul has guided you here and you are in the right place