There I was in a country that I didn’t have a working visa for, wanting to be close to my boyfriend but also wanting to make money. I started to search the internet and there were a million ads out there, some were scams and one really lead me into a new path – the path of Online marketing. I am on a quest How to make money with my laptop and I’m going to share how it goes. I’ll share some the do’s and don’ts so you don’t have to figure this out yourself.

How does that sound? Good or good?

Where to start looking in this great big new world?

I was wandering around the internet, first looking for jobs for my boyfriend who was also looking to find a job. In those searches, I came across so many websites that promise to find you a job, but actually don’t deliver at all. I came across websites where they promise to a job linked at Amazon or other big companies, but they lead you into this robot funnel.

Just filling out form after form, and actually getting nothing more than annoying phone calls of salespeople, offering an education, or a loan on your car. Not something that you are looking for when searching for a job.

I also came across some survey websites, where you just had to spend time filling out surveys in order to get credits, that would lead up to real money. But doing that, was so frustrating because at the end of a sometimes 20-minute survey they would just state: we already have enough feedback OR we don’t need the data for someone with your background. Try another survey. Are you kidding me??

This was the worst world I could be in, and it wasn’t even working.

Where would I find a solution?

I was beginning to wonder if there was such a thing as an online solution for my money problem (which started to make real problems in our life). Luckily my boyfriend found a job and I had more time to keep searching for my online miracle...

I have looked at so many of these False American Promises that I was becoming numb. I didn’t believe a word they were saying anymore and I started to give up on ever finding a solution that fit my needs. Some of the so-called solutions I did try, but they turned out to be a scam or not really turning out what they promise to be.

Read my reviews here on a couple of them Barefoot Writer (which sounded nice at the time) and the one… such a joke InternetBizEdu (I don’t know if you have heard of it). There was so much I couldn’t possibly know which ones were true and which ones were total scams. I just needed to try some of them out, and see where they lead to.

Luckily I found one very valuable FREE training

There was one review I read, after trying out the Barefoot writers for myself and starting to read reviews after that, that was leading me to a platform I could try for 7 days completely FREE of charge to see what they were all about… I believe there are no other companies that do this.

So I entered my details and signed up as a starter member at Wealthy Affiliate. Directly being welcomed into the familiy at WA. A lot of members offering their help and letting me know that with this method they got real results! cheering me on to go and do the training.

So I used my time wisely to experience this community to the fullest, before deciding on anything. For the full 7 days I was completely committed and followed the basic training and the bootcamp they offer.

The in dept information was blowing my mind. I can do this! That was the feeling I had when going through the training. I can completely make this work. The online business world wasn’t so scary anymore because of these guys here, the trainers as well as all the happy members in the community.

At WA you don’t have to do it alone

This is what they promise and that is what they truly delivered on. An active community to help you build a solid foundation for your online business. And as a bonus, they teach you how the affiliate marketing business works, so you can make a passive income from your passion.

Sounds great right?

Making money while working with your passion. Now that is more my style… Making a blog post every day and not trying to sell people things, but sharing experiences, valuable information about the topics you know a lot about or just creating a space where people can learn from the mistakes you’ve made, so they don’t have to make them themselves.

That not only sounds great, it sounds easy. And it is, it really is.

When you follow the guidance and the step by step training they offer at Wealthy Affiliate everything starts to feel easy. You just take one step every day and in 3 months see where you are.

The result of my first steps into the online world

I have already learned a great deal in the first month of my journey into the online world and I’m sure anyone can learn this. At WA they make it so easy and they can walk you through all the steps that are needed to build your website, create content, that is not only well written and speaks to your audience, but also is SEO friendly and ranks high in google. Something you need if you want people to come to your website and engage with your content.

There is so much you will learn in your first month at WA. Here are some of the things I learned:

  • Learn how to choose my niche (choose your passion as specific as possible)
  • Learn how to build my website in just 1 week (In the FREE training I already did!)
  • Learn how to write inviting and engaging content that attracts readers
  • Learn how reviews and valuable comments are written, to attract readers and establish my expert position
  • Launch my first campaign – creating sales options and attract my audience (which you are a part of)

It also inspired my own creativity and I can work the way I want to work. So I’m adding something personal to the WA experience. I’ve started a tribe within the community, of Dream creators. You can read more about it here.

Whatever you do don’t do it alone

My greatest lesson as an entrepreneur and going into a new business is that I am not going to do it alone anymore. Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. It takes too much of my valuable time to figure everything out myself. And there are so many experts that I can just ask to help me in the community, that it would be stupid and stubborn to go at it alone.
  2. It saves so much struggling to get your message out there. Because doing it in a community, means that are all supporting your cause and you have a following of 100 people already… Now that is a good point to start from, instead of starting at 1 fan (your mom).
  3. Searching for the right information and the right tools to teach yourself a new skill can take years before you finally start to see results. But when you team up with people that are already successful in the business you are entering and they just give you their tools and know-how, then that saves you not only time but also a lot of money and energy.

I can only say that I am very happy to have found such an incredible group of people that are in my corner, ready to help me out discovering all there is to know about this new world of building an online business. I feel supported and I know I have everything I will ever need to succeed. Now that is what I call a GOOD STARTING POINT.

Do you want to start with a head start of 1000 fans?

How would you like to start with a head start of 1000 fans, supported by more than 250 experts and 600 co-workers who already know how it’s done? Would you want to be in that environment with the ‘let’s do it’ mentality and cheering you over every hurdle you are going to be taking along the way?

I know it got me into action. I will be happy to write another blog on my progress when my 3 months have passed.

I will continue my journey as a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate – making new friends and fans every day. For me, WA is the place to be when it comes to learning and earning online. The two go hand in hand and I feel very much supported and it makes the learning Fun and Easy.

The best thing is, you can just try it out for FREE. So no investment until you are sure that this is the way for you to go!

You can try it out here

  1. Glad that you were able to find a way to make money with your laptop.I’m always looking for ways to make money with my laptop as well and you’ve given me some great ideas now.

    Choosing a niche is probably one of the toughest things because I don’t really know what popular or not popular. But after reading your blog it sounds like the program your with gives you many options on how to find a niche.

    Sounds like your first steps into the online world were well guarded by those who brought you I now get into it.  Seems like your support system is really doing good things for you.

    FREE s my favorite thing, especially when it comes to doing something for the first time where I’m not guaranteed if I will enjoy it or not.

  2. Hi Jag, Thanks for your response. It really is like traveling to a new country. You need some guidance at least and speak the language. So that’s what I have found in the Wealthy Affiliate community. They teach me the language and I don’t feel lost in a foreign country.
    I am sure you will like it too. What are your hopes and dreams when it comes to making money with your laptop? Do you have a vision for your future? I can’t wait to hear it.
    Good luck on your journey. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

  3. Nanda, as I was reading the first couple of sections of your post, it reminded me a lot of me looking last summer for an online way to make money. I never took any surveys, but checked out dozens of programs before I found the same one you did. After I joined, the WA Community involvement really solidified the training that I was taking. 

    Yes, it can be done with a Laptop. It can also be done with a tablet. And a smartphone. As long as that WHY is big enough there is nothing that can stop you. 

    If I was currently looking, the enthusiasm that you show forth in writing about your passions would be more than ample to make me want to give it a Free try.

    From what I can see so far you have a very good future with WA and you are building a very strong foundation. 



    • Thank you so much Sonny for the review and comment on my website. It is good to hear from someonen within the WA community too. So you can share your experience. Feel free to share a comment on the review page too. I’m sure that will help future searchers. 

      I am very happy with WA and going through the training like a Pro. So I can’t wait for my 3 months results… I’m working towards creating my own group of Premium Followers, so I can add some of my special juice over the creation process. DREAM CREATORS TRIBE I call it, for spiritual entrepreneurs looking to find a way to make money online. Let the people around you that are in that niche know… I’ll be happy to connect to them and be one of their 100 fans too. What business are you in? 

      It’s funny what you said about that the money making can also be done from a smartphone or tablet. I’m sure it can. But I really love my laptop and how my fingers can flow over the keys… so I’ll stick to that for now. 

  4. I found out about Wealthy Affiliate almost a year ago and I fell in love with the community. A lot of people want to help because they know how it is to start without knowing anything. And since I didn’t know anything…

    What got me into trying it is that they didn’t ask for any credit card information, so I knew it was really a free trial.

  5. You know I have been part of this community for some weeks now and haven’t found the boldness to try out their training videos. Some part of me feels it’s going to be overwhelming but your post has kind of inspired me to take a look at it. However, I will love to ask, did you have any background experience( no matter how little) on internet marketing?? And secondly on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the hieghst) how difficult will you say their trainings are to understand?? 

    • Hi Owiliz, 

      thanks for taking the time to read my blog and nice to hear that you’ve taken the step to enter the community of WA. A great big welcome and congratulations on this step. 

      thanks for your question. Let me explain a little bit about how difficult I think the training is if you have zero experience. That’s probably what you are asking. 

      I did have a little experience in creating my own website, but when it comes to marketing I have zero experience. I really didn’t know what a keyword was, let alone how to find one. I am learning this as the training continues and I’m learning the language and the skills that I need. 

      The training really guides complete newbies through each step (so also with zero experience you are in the right place). And the steps are so small anyone can take them. Of course, when it comes to learning a new language from Zero, it will take time to integrate all they are going to teach you. But when you learn your first ‘yes’s and ‘no’s’ it will be fun to continue. Also, there is a mentality of ‘ask as many questions as you need’, so there is no such thing as staying stuck. If you ask, you get the help you need. 

      When you finished the first course, you can see how you are doing. As the premium courses start, the information gets a little bit more advanced. But to be honest, by then you won’t be a complete newbie anymore. To decide if this is for you, there is only one thing you can do. Start and do the tasks, ask as much as you need to and see how you do. 

      Really, what is the worst thing that can happen? 

      That you build a website? 

      That you learn something new? 

      I encourage you taking the next step Owilliz and see where that takes you. Finish what you’ve started. 

      Good luck to you. And if you need any help inside of the WA community, be sure to reach out @Nanda11 

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