When you love to travel like me you are most definitely looking for that work that you can do from anywhere in the world. The job that gives you the freedom to work from anywhere and is as exciting as exploring new places in the world. You just bring your laptop or use the internet connections that are around you. All you need is a great big passion that you can’t stop writing or telling people about. I’m sure you have plenty of interests that come to mind right now. Finding work that fund your travels or that make you location independent so you can travel the world. I would like to share my story with you and inspire you to become financially independent and work from anywhere in the world.

The place that stole my heart

It all really started in Cusco for me. Cusco turned out to be the love of my life and I wanted to stay there forever. I felt so happy and complete there and wanted it to be my permanent place of living. I looked into it and went back to Cusco a few times to see what kind of work I could do while living there, but they were all not paying very much. Next to that, I compared lives, talking to different travelers that were living there. But none of them really had it going on like I wanted to live.

Yes, there was one guy who had real estate in London that was making so much money, that it didn’t matter where he was in the world. Now that was interesting, traveling and making so much money that you could be anywhere in the world. That triggered something inside me and I knew I had to find a way. But buying apartments in Amsterdam was not in my budget, so I needed another plan. But Cusco was the Love of my Life so that motivated me to find a solution that would both bring me to Cusco indefinitely and give me the freedom and abundance in my life that a woman like me deserves. It’s okay to say that I deserve it, because I know that when you admit to yourself you deserve it too, you will make the decisions necessary. Just giving you an example for how you can upgrade your self-worth to the level of your dream life.

Become independent

How would it feel like to be independent and work from anywhere in the world? I have been working my ass off and building a coaching company, all inspired on my dream to eventually live in Cusco. It took me years and years to find out I could never pull this off, living from 1-on-1 coaching, so I started to look into online businesses. There were so many coaches helping people to build their empire, and I was one of their clients for years. But still, that didn’t give me the freedom I wanted. I had to become completely independent. That was my new goal.

I broadened my horizon and looked at my dream life when I had everything I wanted. A nice house, all white and with a beautiful view of the mountains and a big garden. A loving husband and a bunch of children that I guided in their development. And a job where I spend a few hours on the internet (maybe coaching people) and the rest of the day I would be free to teach at a local school or meet with travelers from around the world. Now that sounded like me… That sounded like the independent life I wanted.

Living anywhere I wanted

In the following years, I became more and more location independent… I’ve lived in Spain. I have lived in Cusco for a few months a year and coming back to Holland always was a nice feeling. But not for long. I always felt like I had to move away again. So either Spain or Cusco was calling me and off I went. So I got that part covered. I was free to live wherever I wanted. But I always had to come back ‘home’ and earn some more money for my next adventure. I am sure you know what I’m talking about. The finances running out, so you needed to come back to your home country and work, in a job you didn’t really like but that would bring you to your next travel destination.

The work I can do anywhere

Until I run out of options and really didn’t want to get back into the cycle of earning until I could travel again, going back home and earn until I could travel again. There needed to be a change, a steady solution for this situation that kept pulling me out of my dream life. And that’s when I ran into a thing called affiliate marketing. I had never heard of it before, but it meant that I didn’t have to make all my own e-courses and services anymore and try to sell those. No I could make money from all the great products and services I had ever bought myself which helped me grow as a person. I just needed to start telling my story, like I am now and inspire people. That is what I love doing, so it doesn’t feel like work to me. I can combine the things I love most – writing and traveling.

Earn money while living the dream

I am pleased to say that I have found my steady solution in the Wealthy Affiliate program. The community and the tools I got from there really brought me everything I needed. There is no question about it, this has been my life changer. I am able to write about my life and about the things I love, teach them to others and inspire them and at the same time make good money to live anywhere I want.

For me, that is Cusco – Peru. But maybe for you, that’s another place in the world. Where have you lost your heart and are hoping to go back someday? Are you longing for that great big paycheck or the breakthrough in your business so that you can become financially independent? There are more ways to do this. Yes, it is possible for anyone, wanting to make money online.

Now does this sound like anything you would like to know more about? Keep following me on this journey and I will tell you everything I have learned to be able to make good money and work from anywhere in the world.

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