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Bring the Light back into your Life

Laat dit veld blanco

Bring the Light Back

into your Life

When you are feeling lost and lonely and it is like you have LOST your LIGHT. 

I know how that feels and I also have the tools and techniques to bring your light back into your life.

-> Connect back to your inner Light 

-> Let your light shine in the darkest hours

-> Grow your Light by helping others and feel Love

Remember there is only Love


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From December 15th you will have access to your FREE mini course, where you will learn Self-Healing techniques, EFT tapping, Reconnect to your Light through meditation,  invite more Joy and Love in your life and connect to other Soul’s like you – that will become your supporting and loving community. 

December doesn’t have to be Dark with a few little lights from the Christmas tree.

December is meant to ignite the Light inside of your Heart. 

Join today and Bring the Light Back into your Life. 

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Experience from other people

In my experience life had always been joyful and easy. I was happy and smiling all the time. But then I had some bad experiences in a row and I lost my sparkle. I contacted Nanda to ask if she could guide me. With the meditations I could feel my old self again. I was so relieved to find my Light again.
Nadine Zwaans
Humanist and Caregiver
Time to hear my own song . Time to dance in my own light 💖 I loved our session and forever grateful. Will definitely think more about it. Love you. Infinite thanks and love! Xo
Kathleen Reines
Graphic Designer
Working with Nanda is easy and joyful and she held the door open for me to walk through and find my own truth. She is warm and welcoming and has a way of making you feel better about yourself. Thank you for being such a light on my path. I have found my way through the dark forest because of our enlightning conversation.
Wanda van Aardenhout
Social worker