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Manifesting and co-creating with the Universe demand some special tips and hacks you may want to consider while you are starting to design your life and create your dreams, in short; Live your Soul Purpose. We are all here to create the world we want to live in, and I see it as my Mission to continue to work on myself, learn everything I know about living on Purpose, and share it with you – my soul tribe. Ask and it is given… is a well-known phrase and the title of the book of Abraham Hicks. Yet it was when I heard this from a coach, that it clicked for me.

When you are going to live your life on Purpose, there are two motivations:
You want to have something to do. (low vibe motivation)
Or you want to make an impact… (higher purpose motivation)

When you have come to a point in your life where you have TWO choices, the guidance you get from the Universe depends on the energy in which you ask the question. Are going away from something, or do you have a clear vision of where you are going towards?

This is something I learned recently and that is essential for you to know as well.

Ask for guidance from a Neutral state
When you are asking the Universe for a sign, make sure you are asking it from the right energy. Before you ask anything make sure your energy is neutral, that you feel okay with the here and now.

Don’t ask for signs and guidance while feeling absolutely broke, unhappy, or frustrated.
The Universe can then only respond to the energy you put out and might give you something ‘to do’ to distract your mind and feel better for a short moment.

But when you get into a neutral state before you ask for guidance, the Universe can literally take you out of the situation you are in, INTO your DREAM DESTINY, and shows you the most effortless and quick way to get there. The Inspiration then comes from the Future and not from the Unwanted situation you find yourself in and focus upon. (read The Universe has a plan for you too)

Are you ready to put this through the test, and start your guided meditation practice a bit differently starting tomorrow…

Before you ask the Universe for guidance and support, make sure your energy is NEUTRAL.

  1. Come and sit in a quiet place and relax your body, mind and spirit
  2. Then become clear of what you want to ask guidance on from the Universe
  3. Notice how you feel about the topic of your question.
  4. Neutralize the emotions around the topic.
  5. Meditate for 10 – 15 minutes
  6. Ask for guidance from a Neutral state
  7. Allow the answer to come; just listen to the first thing that comes up.

When you are asking from a Lack mentality, the only way the Universe can guide you is to something that is matching this frequency. That’s not where the Miracles come from, it keeps you stuck in an old energy and in an old story. So in the case of you manifesting more MONEY, first make sure you are feeling at least hopeful or grateful for the money you have manifested so far. And THEN… ask for guidance.

Let me know what guidance has come up for you after applying this manifesting hack in your life.


Neutralizing the Energy

Some of you might feel very frustrated, sad, and low vibe around a topic so it won’t be so easy to just feel good about it. The way you can go about this is to not expect yourself to suddenly feel good about something that is lacking in your life but to neutralize it.

What I truly find very helpful to shift any emotions around a topic that feels heavy of complicated for me are “What if statements”. You don’t even have to believe what you are saying, just opening yourself up to the possibility is creating space within you that already feels better.

  • What if money was easy?
  • What if I am making this more complicated than it needs to be?
  • What if I am already good enough?
  • What if what I do is just enough?
  • What if I am always loved and taken care of?
  • What if my dream reality is being created as we speak?

The second method you can use to shift your negative energy around something and come into a Neutral state is to feel gratitude for all the things that are going great in your life at this time. What are you grateful for? This can be as small as the warm feeling of the sun, or the delicious cup of tea you are holding in your hand, or the fact that you are breathing and have eyes to see, a nose to smell and all that goodness. You can even start to make silly notes and jokes about yourself and create the energy of “WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE”.

And last but definitely not least, is the method that is called I AM >> shifting yourself out of the petty human experiences that feel like sh** you start to focus on WHO YOU REALLY ARE with starting with a list of 21 I AM statements that you know to be true about yourself.

Nanda Berwers - Soul Purpose CoachI am tall

I am beautiful

I am wise

I am talented

I am loved

I am creative

I am grateful

I am fantastic

I am powerful


I am purpose driven

I am blessed

I am Universal Energy

and so on, and so forth… Just list what comes up for you and what you also feel grateful for. (your I am statements need to be positive)


With these 3 techniques, I’m sure you can get into a neutral state before you ask the Universe for guidance. Good Luck!

I want to hear what the thing is you are manifesting in this moment >> come join the Bring the Magic tribe and start with stating your intentions in a neutral, hopeful and powerful way.

Hope this serves you!

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