New Moon Circle

>> the power of Intention <<


Are you done wandering alone?

You wish to share more with sisters?

Want to be witnessed, held and supported?


Let’s Connect, Create, Heal & Evolve

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“You are never alone and I want you to know that, feel that, experience that and have that in your life.” Nanda


For a long time, our female generation has walked their path alone, trying to prove ourselves in the patriarchal society of becoming bigger and better and competing with each other. We have become jealous, envious, angry and hostile against other brothers and sisters – instead of looking inside of ourselves and discovering our true nature – that of community, unity and harmony.

It’s time we start doing things our way – the Feminine Way

More gentle, kind, honest, transparent, trusting, loving, supporting, creative, connected, wise, generous, wild, brave and FREE

Who agrees with me??

moon circle sisters

You see yourself sitting on the couch, watching your series and eating out of the bag of chips. Just another night that passes by, like any other.

Or would you like to feel Uplifted, Alive, Connected, Loved and super Inspired after a night with your Soul Sisters?


Here’s what we’re going to do:

Every New Moon I’m hosting a New Moon sister circle, where we set intentions for the new month and hold each other in a space of love, harmony and high vibes.

  • Love each other through a process
  • witness growth, and celebrate success
  • mirror each other, and brainstorm about sisterhood
  • self-actualization (every month a new tool or ceremony)
  • sisterhood skills & qualities (Kindness, Creativity, Forgiveness, Authenticity, Self-care, Vulnerability, Expression, Self-Confidence, Sensuality, Generosity, Compassion, Receptivity, Collaboration and Wisdom)

Every month a New Theme and a New opportunity to Grow!


The Question I have for you;

Can you Commit to yourself and your Sisterhood?

If your answer is a wholehearted YES like mine, I want to see you this upcoming New Moon circle.

We are going to have fun, connect, hold space, self-care, use magic and so much more…

Each Month we will have this space: and you are free to join one at a time, or commit to all 13!


Your investment is: your time, energy and love and 7 euro for our sisterhood.

Will you join the full year, then only NOW 77 euro!!

*I’m still playing around with pricing – so this is the lowest it will ever be.



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