• You feel you’ve lost your way or the road you were on is coming to an end.
  • The dreams you had for your life seem so far away and you don’t know where to begin to change direction.
  • Life can get so frustrating that it eats up all your energy and you just don’t see the point in moving forward anymore.

Say no more, I've just what you're looking for

At the retreat in Finisterre, you will get to

  • Have clarity on your dreams and create your own roadmap
  • Break free from the BS excuses and start to take action on your dreams
  • Connect to your spirit guides and have the confidence to choose to live your full potential.

Wouldn’t that be great? To have a roadmap for your life, a clear destination and to have your spirit guides whispering in your ear whenever there is a split in the road and you need to make a decision. To have the confidence and the tools to really start to create the dream life you always wanted. To have a supporting group of other dream creators around you and a coach that has already done what you are about to do.

Change the course of your life and finally start doing what you want most!

  • No more uncertainty, insecurity or doubt holding you back
  • No more procrastination because of your fear.
  • No more painful thoughts about ‘why didn’t I do … have or be that…’
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After these 5 days with me in Finisterre, you will feel that you are put on this world for a reason and you will feel ready and empowered to start following your unique path.

There might not be road signs like these on your path, but you’ll have a strong connection to your spirit guides that will tell you or show you the way. You can trust your inner guidance. I will show you how to open yourself up and listen to the signs on your Camino.

Who will benefit the most from this retreat?

Soul travelers that are stuck in their day to day life and lost the connection to their joy. They have forgotten who they really are and need a new perspective on themselves and on their life.

Explorers who want to know what is the meaning of life on this earth (eat, work, sleep?) and want to level up to a deeper meaning of life. Discover their Big Why.

Dream creators that keep falling off their track and need more focus and a steady roadmap to get them where they really want to be.

Adventurers that are getting bored with their day to day life and are searching for a true challenge. To find their unique blueprint in this life and live their full potential.


Are you one of the above or do you recognize the way they look at life at this moment, then you know it is time to make a change. To do that, you need to come out of your comfort zone and broaden your horizon. Do something out of the ordinary and expand the outlook you have on life.

In the Retreat I will help you do all that.

  • I promise to kick you out of your comfort zone and help you get unstuck.
  • I will help you break through the BS blocks you tell yourself
  • I will show you how you can connect more to yourself and your spirit guides
  • I will guide you to a deeper understanding of Who you are and Why you are here.

Practical information

Dates: 23 – 29 September 2019 (start around 11.00 on 23rd)

Location: Finisterre, Spain (Galicia)


  • Airport pick-up (on 22nd or 23rd in the morning)
  • Accommodation (2 or 3 bed shared rooms)
  • Daily meals (3 times per day)
  • Fruit and healthy snacks during classes
  • Meditation classes every morning
  • Spiritual classes every day
  • 2 nights of entertainment and fun
  • 1 excursion to Monte Pindo (Celtic history)


  • Transport to Santiago de Compostella (flights cost around 40-80 euro 1-way)


  • Book an extra night prior to the retreat (40 euro per person)
  • Bio energetic massage
  • Yoga classes
  • Dance expression
  • Camino walking (90 km to Santiago after the retreat)

You will come back from this

With a clear roadmap of where you’re going.

The confidence and power to take action on your dreams.

A strong connection to yourself and your spirit guides.

Spiritual tools that will help you for a lifetime, to stay on track.

Take your place in this world ! Start to live the life of your dreams, with a clear focus and your personal roadmap.

Why should you come to the retreat?

#1 Embrace your Soul identity – take your life to a new level and see how wonderful it can be.

#2 Grow your Soul qualities  – room for self-expression and co-creation

#3 Free your Soul – clear your personal blocks with an experienced life coach

The magic of Finisterre

Finisterre is said to be the End of the World – the perfect place to close a chapter of your life and to start a new one. The pilgrims come to the ocean after their Camino to ask for the blessing of the Gods to start their new journey. That refreshing energy of new beginnings is felt all around Finisterre. It also has Celtic roots, which makes this place open to magic because of the history of witches and warlocks in the past. One of my personal favorites is the legend of the Dragons, that says their Souls are resting in the rocky mountains surrounding the beach Mar de Fora. Their spiritual guidance can be easy accessed when you feel called to these guides. Besides all of this, Finisterre has a beautiful nature surrounding it with beaches, mountains and forest. A perfect place for a retreat and to reconnect to your natural essence and make a new beginning.


I would like to invite you to come with me this September, 23 – 29 2019.

Experience the magic of Finisterre for yourself and make a commitment and a great start on your Dreams from here. I will give all of my tools and guidance to help you find your place in this world. And I know your inner guidance is going to tell you whether you should be here or not.

If you hear the calling and you feel that you need to be here, to make that new beginning in your life and get things back on track again. Here’s what you should do.

  1. Fill in the form below
  2. Select the date in your calendar
  3. Book your ticket to Santiago de Compostella

If you have any questions, you can contact me personally on

nanda@anandasoultravel.com or berwersnanda@gmail.com

+31 637437845 or Facebook messenger facebook.me/anandasoultravel


The prices for this ALL inclusive package for 5 days of training and coaching should be at a value of 1500 euro.

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