transform your life with coaching

Life is what happens to you when you are making other plans.

You can change your life right now

You can change your life and start doing what you want most, making different choices. Live a life of authenticity, where you can be 100% yourself and walk your Soul path.


What in your life would you like to change?

Do you have a vision for your dreamlife?

What is holding you back from making different choices?

All you need to Transform

  • Change begins with a choice
  • Let go of all that is not really You
  • Discover who you are and what you want most
  • Start to live your authentic life

It sounds like easy steps, yet a lot more is going on inside your head,

not to mention the emotions and patterns that will come up when you start do make changes. 

Change doesn’t come easy. 

But when you have the right focus, support and mindset you will make lasting transformation in your life. 

You’ll follow the process from Change -> Transition -> Transformation and each phase you’ll be faced with challenges.

I will name a few. Maybe you will recognize some of them. Falling back into old behavior, feeling low on moral and just feel like giving up. Luckily each of these challenges can be overcome and lead you to a profound, transformation.




"When Nanda offered to help me make a plan to work on my mission, I didn´t feel confident to take the steps or make hard decisions. Talking to her opened up my mind again, so I could see beyond my situation and into the future I wanted to build for myself. Now I am on my way to living my Soul Mission."
camino rituals - meditations to guide you on your way

Soul Awareness

You know there is more to life then work, friends and family. You always knew you were different, or felt like you didn’t fit in. 

It has been some time that you started meditating and searching for more meaning in your life. Yet there are so much more questions that you have. You want to reconnect to your Soul, so you can feel whole again. So you can find a place where you belong. 

soul guidance

Life is a mistery. Why did you end up in that place, meeting those people and feeling attracted to specific things and people. Sometimes you just Know you have to go somewhere. Sometimes you instantly feel a deep connection to someone. Those are the moments that your Soul has guided you. 

When you truly follow that guidance, you will end up with a life beyond your wildest dreams, feeling fulfilled and happy.

read the signs on your camino soul traveler - ananda soul travel
uncover your soul mission - be the person you were born to be

Soul Mission

You are born with a Mission, a special mission just for you. One that you are uniquely shaped for. All you need to do for this mission is, be 100% yourself. That true potential that is inside you wants to come out. And it´s up to you to develop your talents and to keep focus on your Soul Mission. The challenges might be hard, but in the end it is so Worth It

I've done it and so can you...

"When I came back from Peru in 2012 I was a changed person and I made the decision to integrate the new me (my most happy version) into my daily life. I implemented a daily spiritual meditation practice, became a vegetarian overnight, moved away from my old life, started my own business and said goodbye to friends that I no longer felt connected with. It was the biggest shift I ever made in my life, but 'til this day I kept True to my New Life and remain the most happy version of myself." 

Choose the right coaching package for you

change your life coaching package

Mini package “Change”

– Get clarity on your goals

– Plan your life’s direction

– How to make the right choices

– Make yourself number 1 again

1 month: 4 private coaching sessions

Transition into a new way of life coaching package

Intensive package “Transition”

– Master your inner struggles

– defeat loneliness

– How to stay focused and get into action

– How to deal with fall back and growing pain

2 months: 8 weekly coaching sessions

Transform your life through coaching

Party package “Transformation”

All that includes the Intensive package + transformation coaching

– Connect to your Higher Self and spiritual guidance

– How to make your change the New Normal

– Trust and stay on your Soul path

– Celebrating your transformations

8 weekly sessions like in the Transition package + 2 private sessions of 1,5 hour to follow through

Book a free clarity session

If you want to find out where you are going, you first need to know where you stand now

Unhappiness is a signal

You are unhappy, at least with one area of your life and with good reason. You are not where you should be right now. You have been postponing or avoiding the possibilities life has offered you and now you are getting a very strong signal, that it is time to Change. It has been for a long time, but you have been falling back into old patterns, didn’t believe you could actually do it and now you are still in the place you didn’t want to be in. Harsh to read it like this, I know.

But someone needs to translate this feeling of unhappiness to you. It is a Signal that you should make a change, and probably a very big one to start living the life you were meant to live and where you can be most happy. Your Soul is screaming inside of you, to please start listening to its whispers. And you have been ignoring its signs.

Here is another one.

You have come to read this page for a reason. Becoming visible in the eye of a Transformation Coach is not something you do every day and neither is the offer I am going to make to you right now. When you feel that Your Soul indeed is giving signals that it needs something different and is ready to come out and ‘play the big field’ I offer you a FREE session. Humor me and fill in your details below, so we at least can let your Soul speak up for a moment and hear what it has to say about the  hanged in your life, so you can live more happy and fulfilled.

Why wait?

What are you hesitating about? Why haven’t you booked your session yet?

Don’t you think you have waited long enough?

There is only one right moment in your life to take action and that moment is always now. You know you want that change we have been talking about and I know you want to be honest to yourself. Now, what are you telling yourself?

When I have the tools I can do it myself

I know I need guidance and support but can’t afford it

I have always thought that change was good, but I’d rather stay where I am right now

It feels scary to take this step, and I always follow what feels good to me.

I can relate to every one of these thoughts, honestly I do. I still sabotage myself with these once in while. Willingly sabotage my own growth, because I think I know better, I can do it by myself or I am not willing to invest. And guess what….

It were the moments that I let go of these beliefs and completely trusted that Voice inside of me when I got what I needed and that helped me grow to where I am right now.

So let me ask you.

Are you willing to invest 1 hour of your time to hear me out, to listen to your Soul and start making a Change plan for yourself? In just 1 hour I will give you a plan and some tools you can follow to work towards your desired outcome. You go on and do it yourself, I ask no investment and you can slowly step out of your comfort zone, in your own pace.

But you need to promise me something.

When I give you this plan and the tools and you are falling of track, that you give me a call. .

Honestly. I want you to succeed.

That’s why I do what I do. That’s why I help people like you make a big change in their life. And there is also a bigger reason behind this. It is what makes my Soul happy and serves the world in a big big way. I believe that the world becomes a better place, when we all start living our most authentic life and do what we love the most. Following your Soul path is not only for you, but also for all the people you are going to inspire and help to improve their lives.

Be the Change you want to see in the world. – Ghandi

It is time you make a decision now. The free session I’m only offering right now and it expires in 3 days. From that moment forward I am going to charge 77 euros for it, or you can buy it as part of my mini package “Change”.

Here you can book your free Clarity session

Book your time in my calendar and we’ll talk soon

  1. Great article I my self went on a similar path after exploring parts of Asia and not I want nothing more than to continue traveling and discovering new things about myself. Thanks for posting.

  2. Wow, this is strong. I can totally feel the energy and will ask for a transformation session. That is the best idea, soul travel.
    I will offer myself some time to get to the bottom of what I really want and I can feel that you’d be the perfect coach.
    What a blessing having found you!!!
    Do you really think I could become who I really am in just a year?
    That seems tough, but I’m willing to put in all it takes.
    Thank you from the heart,

    • Hi Jane,

      Welcome to the community and for sure with my support and soulful coaching you will not recognize your life within a year from now.
      I’m excited to get to work with you and see what we can create together. I see you’ve booked your free session. Talk soon. Love Nanda

  3. Hey Nanda,

    this is a wonderful post. The way you write is so powerful and engaging that it inspires me from the first paragraph.

    It is so important to stay true to who we are, as well as trying to follow our passions in life.

    I am also amazed by you because you seem to be so confident in yourself that you aren’t afraid to share who you are and what you want to do with the rest of the world. You seem like someone that is truly destined to help people and I applaud you for that.

    Thanks again for such an inspiring post. I will definitely be back to read more.



    • Thank Eric for your reply. There is so much to say on this subject.
      On that road to self-discovery self-love is one of the primary things for sure.

      Wish you many blessings on your path.
      and please stay connected.

      Much Love Nanda

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