Uncover your soul mission

Do you want to know Who you are
Why you are here and What are your unique talents?

with this e-course you'll get complete recognition for who you are and find your mission in life so you'll never lose your path again.

"I am convinced that everyone in the world should know their soul mission and do this course."

know where you are going

Your mission gives you direction. Once you know where you are going it is much easier to make life decisions and to determine what you should do next. 

get confidence

When you uncover who you really are and see yourself completely you get more self confident and grow into the person you were meant to be. 

Live your full potential

When you uncover all of your hidden talents you can develop them and live your full potential. You will become unstoppable and as happy as you can be. 

Fall in love with your life and live your full potential

"Seeing myself for the first time so completely has moved me to tears. I don't know what to say but a deep thank you."
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Course Uncover your Soul Mission


Reconnect to your Soul and remember who you are and why you are here. In the course you will reconnect to your soul on a deep level so you can uncover all that you are.

Your unique mission

You have a mission in this life and it’s unique to you. There is nobody else that can live ‘your’ mission so the world is waiting for you to show up. You are the one that needs to fulfil that mission, you have all the gifts and talents to make it work. So stop hiding and start shining!

Get clear

Get clarity on the next steps to take. From this moment forward you will have an inner compass that will guide you every step of the way. No more getting lost for you.

Community of soul friends

You won't be taking this journey alone. There are a lot more soul travelers taking this course with you and you can connect personally to them. As you start living your mission we will be supporting you and cheering you on. Never feeling lonely again.

"I was amazed how much wisdom I could connect with. I am happy I did this course. I feel much better about my future."
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Once you'll sign up you will receive

  • Video series to guide you every step of the way
  • 2 guided meditations that take you into that deep connection to your Soul
  • Workbook to help you write your Mission Statement
  • 82 archetype cards that represent your hidden talents
  • Live group coaching to integrate the course into your daily life
  • A committed community to share your journey

Help change the world

Uncover your mission and start making an impact on the world

Choose the perfect plan

Since we are working all over the world there are paymentplans for everyone. 

Students and low income households can get the special price of $149 



* only for students and low income households


Frequently asked questions

A soul mission is the mission your soul has for this life and that is making a contribution to the world. It can be big or small and is always related to you being more of Who you are. So nothing fancy or far from your comfortzone. Just You and your core qualities living the best life you can. 

I have made a special offer for those of you that are still students or that have low income household, because I want the course to be available for everyone. If you would like to pay in 3 terms, please contact me personally by email, with the subject Payment in terms. I’m sure we can work something out. 

Most of you will have some experience in meditation and connecting to the Silence within yourself. That isn’t a set requirement though.  I’ve heard from first timers that they could do the course, but were not as sure that the answers came from their Soul. 

The course video series are in total less then an hour and the meditations are each 30 minutes. The course can be done in 2 – 3 hours if you have uninterupted time (which I suggest). After that you have enough time to practice with the tools before we do the Group coaching, that helps you integrate your mission into your daily life. That is usually within 2 weeks after finishing the course. 

Once you have started the course you will be added to our online community, where you can get support any time of day. Group coaching is included within 2 weeks of you finishing the course. When you would like to have additional coaching from me about learning how to work with the course and integrate your mission into your life, I offer life mission coaching sessions online. 

The risk you are taking is that you feel so confident and powerful that there is no other way for you anymore than to live your mission. When this course has not opened you up your full potential and you are not 100% happy, I will give you your money back within 14 days after purchase. 

When you have any more questions or want to make special payment plan. Click Contact