When you have decided to come to Cusco and you’re wondering, will there be any places where I can meet other soul travelers, there are a few places I can recommend to you. What is the best place to stay in Cusco, you ask me. I will tell you my all-time favorite. The one place I keep going back to every year for the last six years. And every year it is exceeding my expectations. With great workshops and meeting the most interesting people to hang out with every day. I must recommend this place to you and tell you where to find it.

No 1 – Healing House Cusco

I will try to find the words to describe this place to you, but I’m not sure it will be the same as experiencing it for yourself. The Healing House in Cusco has been there for 8 years now, owned by an American / Peruvian family, Nikki Coate and Alvaro, he is a musician and she is a yoga teacher trainer and a reiki master. Together they set the intention to bring healing to the local community and spread the Energy of Healing all around the world, helping soul travelers to uncover their gifts.

It is a magical place. When you enter the house and walk into the garden, there is a serene stillness that you will find nowhere else in Cusco. This garden is a great place for meditation, resting from your travels or have your own yoga practice.

In the kitchen, the leaders of the new world gather. I have had so many interesting conversations with people from all around the world. It still amazes me how many people have such an interesting story to share – and how open everyone is at the Healing House.

There is this freedom of Being You

If there ever is a place where you can Be (or discover) your True Self it will be at the Healing House in Cusco. Even if you have never done meditation or yoga before and this whole journey into the spiritual world is new for you, there is no boundary to cross at the healing house. You are completely safe and welcome just the way you are. No questions asked and if you have any, there is always someone to help you answer it.

And if you are searching for a place to do your own personal retreat, the healing house in Cusco is the place to be. With all the different therapies and workshops that are being offered every week, there is so much help available for you. Ranging from Reiki healing and massages, to Soul clearings and shamanistic healing. Everything you need for your body, mind and soul to restore to its Pure Essence.

Experience the healing firsthand

I remember coming into the healing house 3 years ago after a pretty rough month, going through some personal struggles and ending in an Ayahuasca experience that went bad. I was completely lost and I was so happy I made it back to this place. The first person I talked to was Jenifer, who also happened to be very experienced in the plant medicine world herself and a cranio sacral therapist. Talking to her slowly got me back into trusting my own body and mind again. After my first week, and two sessions with her. I was ready to take on some more Healing and Learning again. I offered to do my own teachings in return for more therapy sessions. That was a great way of showing the Universe, I was Back in my own Power.

All of this happened within a month, doing ‘the intentional stay’ at the healing house. I was surrounded by loving and understanding people, who were also my friends. We laughed together, we cried together, we held each other’s hand. We were having a ‘great learnings’ from all that we were going through individually. While at the same time were so connected in Love and Unity. It was truly a blessing that the Healing House was there to help, by providing the space for me to heal.

Intentional stay at Healing House Cusco

You might have heard me mention it, I was doing an intentional stay at the healing house. This means that I was staying for a month and that I had a personal intention as well as a community intention to fulfill in that month. For me that was

1. My own healing from the bad experience I had after using Ayahuasca

2. I wanted to share my gift with the community, and give a class Rite of the Womb and step into my Teacher.

During this intentional stay, there are a few things that you are entitled to. You are having a guidance conversation every week to talk about your progress with your goals. Once per week, there is a community potluck where the different activities are presented and where you can have your own input or offer your help. And you can choose if you want to add therapies or yoga to your stay, or both. Every morning there is a yoga class and every day there are different workshops or classes, where you can choose from. Also, there are different therapists connected to the Healing House, you can make an appointment with. The choice is yours…

The most spiritual place for you to stay in Cusco

There is no doubt about it. The Healing House Cusco is the most spiritual place for you to stay in Cusco. It provides everything a soul searcher is looking for. And you have the opportunity to learn so much in such a short amount of time.

You will make friends from all around the world. You have a spiritual family for the rest of your life and place you can come Home to in Cusco.

You will find the Healing House in the San Blas area of Cusco – right up the big stairs from Choquechacka or at the corner from Siete Angelitos and Nueva Alta (either one of those places you can let the taxi driver drop you off.)

Address: 555 Qanchipata, Cusco  For more information on staying with them http://healinghousecusco.com/

Give my love to Nikki when you are there

Love, Nanda

have you ever stayed in a spiritual place in Cusco and would like to share your experience with me. Please leave a comment below.

  1. Thank you for this interesting and insightful post. We have never been to Cusco and we had to Google it. Knowing now that it is close to Peru’s Sacred Valley, we can understand this place would be an ideal location for spiritual healing. And the information you provide on The Healing House and your intentional stay experience make us understand why it is the most spiritual place to stay in Cusco and bond with the spiritual family you have out there.

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